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Intercom & Access Control

TALK from room to room saving time & steps.

All Home Central makes living together easier.

All Home Central will help you design a whole-house communication system that's right for your family and fits your needs. Whether you have a large space and lots of family members, or remote / separate living spaces in one home, we can help you to make communications quicker, easier and more efficient.

  • Prescreen callers at the front and back door. 

  • Talk (and listen) to decks and patio to review the outside activity.

  • Monitor your baby's rooms from anywhere in the house or even on the deck.

  • Return a call from elderly or infirm family members confined to their rooms.
















Now .....Add Whole House Background Music!! Plan a system that is just made for your needs ....or replace the old one you currently have.  All for a reasonable price point!


All Home Central can help you plan for all of these needs!  Call today for a free quote!! You will find All Home Central to be one of the most affordable solutions available, from start to finish!

 *All Home Central services include low voltage installation, sales, service and surveillance with 24 hour monitoring

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