Camera Systems


All Home Central can provide you with peace of mind with a bird's-eye-view, 24/7/365.

With complete control from your cellphone, tablet, laptop or home control station, cameras placed around your home or business can deliver unparalleled security! Recorded locally or saved on the cloud, you have access to every second of your footage on demand. Benefit from features like: search by time, motion detection, infra-red, facial-recognition, and motion control. 
























Digital Video Recorders and cameras are the cutting-edge answer in today's world to protect and manage what is important.  With hundreds of applications and products on the market, selection is difficult without our expert product design and experience. All Home Central will make it easy for you.


Facts to consider when selecting the proper system for your Video surveillance system:

  • Area size

  • Distance to perimeter

  • Lighting Conditions

  • Zoom and resolution

  • Multiple areas to be monitored

  • Recording duration and trigger

  • Remote viewing and monitoring




All Home Central has an expert consultant to help you plan what type of camera system is best for you. We work with you to secure indoor & outdoor areas, with multiple views and dynamic lighting conditions - all at the same time!  We can plan for any scale & budget; from a small project to major campus areas with many views and complex capture requirements.

 *All Home Central services include low voltage installation, sales, service and surveillance with 24 hour monitoring