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About Us

All Home Central found its roots circa 1934 in the original family business - "Heuermann Appliance Company" founded by Peter Heuermann. Peter started up the biz when the "Light Company" discontinued selling electrical appliances as part of its service. His son Lee Heuermann joined him in what became the family-owned and operated, small business serving south-west Iowa for more than 80 years. 

Electrical products were the specialty of the business, selling new appliances and repairing most available brands.  The major offering eventually became vacuum cleaners, thus the name of the company changed to "Heuermann Vacuum Cleaners".  

As times changed, built in appliances became a specialty in its own right. All Home Central became the new name, when daughter Cheryl Hemmingsen, and her husband Rob, joined the business in 1986. Since that time, the scope of the company encompasses many low-voltage systems which are built into the home or business itself, such as: Central Vacuums, Security & Camera, Entertainment and Sound systems and other related low-voltage products.

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